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Dec 4, 2011 11:00pm EST
. >>> we continue our occupy coverage now in texas, where police found a man's body in a 10 on the campus of the university of north texas. investigators don't know who he is yet, but say he was not a student at the school. the medical examiner will perform an autopsy. >>> it's going to take longer for mail to get to where it needs to go. postal service will end its guaranteed next day delivery. they'll announce the cutbacks tomorrow. the goal is to save $3 billion. at least one congressman says even though the government doesn't fund the postal service now, it might be time to privatize it completely. >> one of the things i like about the postal service is we don't appropriate money to them. they have to sell stamps to generate revenue and we want to continue that. you don't cut service, slow down the service, if you want to sell more stamps, and they want to raise rates. that's not a way to drive volume. i think they're moving in the opposite direction. >> the cuts will kick in in the spring. the postal service is considering closing hundreds of processing centers and laying off thousan
Dec 11, 2011 11:00pm EST
of the bill the construction of a pipeline from canada to texas. fox's steve santani explains what's on the line. reporter: congress' time is run being out, but the two sides -- running out, but the two sides have very different ideas how to go forward. republicans want to tie extension of the tax cut to the keystone pipeline from canada to texas. republicans say it will be a big boost for the economy and construction needs to go forward. senate republican leader mitch mcconnell may use that pipeline as a bargaining chip. >> we have the keystone pipeline in there. it's a shovel ready project, the biggest and most important ready to go project in america, wouldn't course the government a penny, not one. three years of environmental studies have already been done. the secretary of state was ready to stein off on it. the president -- to sign off on. it the president pulled it to the white house and delayed it for a year. reporter: president obama threatened to veto the tax cut extension if the keystone pipeline is tied in with it and the dispute continues for how to pay for the payr
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2